L'Chaim-Chabad is a community organisation that serves the community of Greater Manchester particularly in Salford, Prestwich, Crumpsall and Whitefield. L’Chaim-Chabad runs a wide range of services for all ages. We pride ourselves in working with over 35 existing organisations and community centres.

Feedback from families and individuals

Prayer for Loved Ones and Kaddish

One of the most sacred rituals observed by all Jews throughout the generations is the practice of reciting the Kaddish prayer for those who have passed on from physical life. Kaddish is a tremendous merit and source of elevation for the soul...


Michelle S. story


Linda*, a single mother who recently left a women’s shelter and moved into a flat with her 3 children, suffered years of abuse from her husband. As Linda battles to pay the bills, she is struggling to find a job.